New York 's Bestseller The Other Wes Moore Essay

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New York’s bestseller The other Wes Moore, by Wes Moore is a story of how two kids with similar backgrounds including similar names ended up with different outcomes in life. The author Wes Moore ended with a degree from Oxford University and an internship at the white house while the other Wes More got sentenced to life in prison for the murder of an off duty police officer. The book goes into detail on why they ended up so differently and it turns out that it could have been a number of life changing events and choices. However Malcolm Gladwell who wrote the book Outliers, would argue that it may have been a result of external factors that would contribute to the success of the author and the eventual fall of the other Wes Moore. For the purpose of this paper we will address the author as either Moore or the author Wes Moore and the other Wes Moore as Weston. Even though both Wes Moore’s started off with similar backgrounds, the difference between their mothers parenting styles and the difference in educational opportunity’s between the Wes Moore’s made the difference in their outcomes. In fact, Gladwell would argue that difference in the mothers cultural legacy, sense of meaningful work, economic privilege) determine their parenting styles, which in made a difference in the educational opportunities of their sons. Although both mothers struggle to keep their sons out of trouble, their reaction and response to their behavior are different and can be explained

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