The Other Wes Moore : Two Names One Fate

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It is exceptionally easy to judge someone by their accomplishments. Oftentimes, one’s worth will be placed on the accomplishments they have achieved. However, it is often overlooked how they have reached the point in their life that allows them to be so successful. A wonderful example of this is “The Other Wes Moore: Two Names One Fate” by Wes Moore. Moore’s novel follows the events of two young men with the same name living in close proximity to each other, but went on to live very dissimilar lives. There are many reasons that one became a bestselling author and the other became incarcerated for life for murder. Ultimately, the primary reason that there was such a dramatic difference between the two Wes Moores was the way people around…show more content…
Overall, this was the start of the way both Weses perceived those around them. In addition, the ways the Wes’ mothers treated them built their foundation, because Mary, the other Wes’s mother, did not have the perseverance and drive that Joy, the author’s mother, did. Joy did not have the easiest past, from an abusive first husband to losing her second husband. However, she never let anything truly discourage her from making sure she raised her children correctly. Even when things got so out of control that she had to send Wes off to military school, she made sure it was the right decision and took care in making Wes know it was what was best for him, telling him during a phone call ““I love you, and I am proud of you. And, Wes, it’s time to stop running”” (Moore 96). Her authoritative yet caring message she delivered to Wes here clearly shows that she is not just sending him away because she can’t handle him, but rather that she is sacrificing whatever she has to in order to make sure Wes grows to be a respectable man. However, Mary approaches hardships with a much more cynical outlook, such as when Wes was caught with drugs that he intended to sell. “As Mary heard the door slam behind Wes, she sat back down on her bed. She pressed her fingers against her temples and began to massage them. She closed her eyes; her mind raced: Who is to blame for this? Tony, the neighborhood, the school system, Wes’s

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