Newport Bay Research Paper

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The Place at Newport Bay
Having a place that families or friends return to to vacation or visit is something that seems to be an experience that creates comfort and nostalgia over the years. These places are special because they become a tradition, a place that isn’t home, but almost feels as familiar as home. Newport Beach is this place for me and I never get tired of going. I think this is because I have been going since I was a small child and, while it is familiar, I also find something new to enjoy each time I visit. While I had travelled before with my family, I didn’t have many vivid memories of our travels and vacations; however, when I was five, maybe six, I do remember one of our trips to Newport Beach. In fact it is one of my strongest memories at this age. I remember getting ready to go for spring break, my mom telling me how much fun we would have, that we could buy a bag of salt water candy at the sweet shop along the bay, that we would go to a cool aquarium and see sharks, and that we could search for shells along the beach - it sounded amazing. …show more content…

As a little kid the most important part of the trip was the candy I was promised. I don’t remember much from my first trip there, as I was very young, however I do remember, quite vividly, the sweet shops on the Newport bayfront boardwalk. Walking into the store there were buckets and buckets of salt water taffy. I was overwhelmed by all the choices of the signature coast candy and I had no idea what to choose. I was told by my mom that I could get a whole pound of taffy. A pound of candy was like a getting a thousand dollars, except a thousand dollars would have gotten me a lot more candy. I wouldn’t go back to Newport for a few years and by then I would have changed a good

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