Ngo Is An Acronym That Means Non Governmental Organization

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NGO is an acronym that means non-governmental organization. The term comes from the United Nations and, originally, its meaning is broader than private development organization. According to the United Nations, the NGO groups may include service organizations in order to "profit" foundations, educational institutions, churches and hospitals. However, this name has been accepted by the entire international community to refer more specifically to non-profit organizations involved in international development with various programs abroad, or local actions related problems development (pressure group, study organizations, information retrieval, etc.). Another distinction is usually made between national NGOs and local. The first show either an international federation of national NGOs or more commonly, a national NGO that develops programs abroad. National NGOs, meanwhile, include a variety of local NGOs spread over a country. According to the dictionary an NGO is an organization that draws its resources from private donations and is dedicated to helping people threatened by famine, war, natural disasters, etc.). It goes without saying that this definition is very restrictive. At a pinch, it corresponds to the definition of what could be a part of international NGOs such as those that are often seen on the ground. A report from a German technical service cooperation allows to better understand the lightness of this definition is that the classification of NGOs. One must
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