Nick Carraway-Personal Narrative

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It saddens me that Daisy, whom I love more than life, lives across the bay from me and I have yet to see her. However, the green light at the end of her dock gives me hope. Hope that one day I will reunite with her and show her all I have done to get her back. The spring of 1922 Nick Carraway moved into the house besides me. It was not until I saw him go to Daisy’s house that I figured out he was her cousin. It was then that I knew it was time to start planning my reunion with my Daisy. I personally invited Nick to a party of mine, just to see if he intermingled with a friend of Daisy’s, Ms. Jordan Barker. When the night came they did indeed interact. About half way though the party I pulled Jordan aside and confessed to her the love I had for Daisy. Telling her how Daisy and I once had been in love, but with her parents disapproving of me because I did not come from wealth …show more content…

That day I woke up, saw that it was raining outside but I did not let that ruin my mood. Overjoyed, I imminently sent someone over to cut Nick’s grass and also had flowers delivered. I arrived a hour before Daisy, making sure everything was perfect I nervously passed around. Then she arrives, before she enters I exited though the back door second geeing my plan. Asking myself, “what if she does not want to see me.” After growing the courage, I walked inside, immediately feeling the awkwardness in the air. After a couple minutes Nick leaves us alone and everything turned out to be okay. We talked, about everything, it was as if we were never separate. When Nick came back I invited them both to my house. Purposely doing so because I wanted Daisy to be impressed by my wealth, knowing it would pull her in some more. After giving them a tour of my house and having some fun in the water the day then came to an end. When they both left the missing piece in my heart filled with happiness. It was everything I hoped and more. I then knew Daisy still loved me and I loved

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