Nietzsche: Exposing the Christianity Hoax Essay

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Nietzsche: Exposing the Christianity Hoax

For thousands of years the Bible has represented the foundation for one of the largest religions in existence, Christianity. “The Book” affects millions of people’s lives. The creation of morals makes the biggest impacts on individuals and society. Morals are hinted at throughout “The Book”, but are clearly stated in Matthew’s gospel. These morals are written in a series called the Beatitudes. Through morals, laws are created and society is given guidelines, most people see this in a positive manner. Friederich Nietzsche, a philosopher from the late 1800’s, views religion as a cult made for weak minded simpletons who need something to carry them through life. Nietzsche is often viewed as …show more content…

Even if they were weak before gaining the earth would change them from a weak person to one with power. In the minds of most people the strongest and smartest always become leaders and through these leaders the world is run. The meek and poor look at the powerful with jealous eyes, hating what they stand for but at the same time wanting to be them. They think that they would act differently if they were rich and powerful, which is not the case when thought about. If you give a poor man lots of money he is not going to act like a poor beggar. His “noble” instincts would take over and his guilt would fade away. This guilt was created by Christians to keep people from fully using their power.

Why would God not want us to be powerful? The Christian fear of power is if someone gains power he will also gain the understanding of his power and use it on others. This is best said in a sermon by Rev. Charles Irvin who writes, “ Life, for Nietzsche, is for the strong, the dominant, the ruthless; it is for those who understand power and its uses. Abundance, wealth and the ability to control and manipulate others come only to the fittest of our species. All the rest of us resort to religion, to Christ, along with all of the weaklings who need Him. For Nietzsche, self-justification is the only justification worth anything at all. The only fulfillment, which is at all fulfilling is

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