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Night by Elie Wiesel was one of the best books I have ever read. Night is the story about Elie’s horrible time spent in Auschwitz and Buna the death camps. This story impacted me the most because all of this is real. Elie’s mother and sister were murdered as soon as they arrived. The story goes on telling his unimaginable experiences with his father in 1944 during the Holocaust.
The book opens with Elie’s life before him and his family were taken away. The story continues talking about how when they arrived in Auschwitz his mother and sister were taken to the crematorium with other women and children who were not strong enough to work in the camps. The only people left from Elie’s family were him and his father. Throughout the whole book Elie talks about how his father was his only motivation to keep going. When Elie’s father dies he contemplates to keep going or just to give in. In the end he is liberated and is freed.
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Elie was lucky to have lived through the death camps Auschwitz and Buna. Out of 11 million people 5 million were women and children and non-jews but 7 million were jews. Only about 70 people who were in Auschwitz came out alive. Night is told in such a way that even 45 years later I felt like I was right there with him throughout the whole book. If you are a person who wants to learn more about the Holocaust I couldn’t recommend Night enough. You will go on an adventure where your only concern was staying alive. Elie will never forget what happened and after you read this book you won’t either. In my opinion, the best part of night was in the end when he was liberated. This is the best part because throughout the whole book I thought in the back of my mind how can he survive in these conditions. When he was freed it gave me some relief because if he hadn’t survived the whole Wiesel family would've been wiped out, and there would be no one left to tell his
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