Night Reflection

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As I left out the cattle cars, we were getting separated by these German soldiers into two different lines. I saw the dark ashes of burning people and then a huge “mountain” of bodies stacked onto each other, I was going towards the pit. I thought my life was over until I quickly turned the other way…I sighed. I secretly snuck into the other line that they had to do work…I wanted to be safe and I’d do anything I can to survive. I whispered in my head, “I rather work then die”. This shows how apparently it is OK for someone to do something bad to a person for surviving, protecting family, or if it doesn’t hurt anyone inside. In “Night” the character Elie Wiesel had to fight to survive during this major event the “Holocaust”. During his hard times he had to witness people doing terrible things. Such as German soldiers throwing up babies and shooting them as target practice, also turning a huge Jewish population into nothing by gathering Jews up and placing them in gas chambers, another reason is by putting them in huge dug up pits and burning them alive. (Wiesel 25) German soldiers would do terrible things to these Jews like putting them in small cattle cars and taking them from camp to camp without any food. (Wiesel 23) The Germans showed the Jews how powerful they were so they got rid of the population because if they did all these horrible things like that then why can’t we do bad this to people in a different state of matter. In “Night” Elie Wiesel was trapped in a
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