Night by Ellie Wiesel

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Night is a story that reveals some of the worst of the human race. It is a re-telling of a young Jewish boy, Ellie Wiesel, coming of age in the midst of the Holocaust. The book is quite short and very clearly written, but it is still a very hard book to read. The young boy who is also the author of the book makes us, the readers, accompany him through many in-human and near-death experiences. These are written in such detail that anybody taking the time to read the book will be left with an in-depth knowledge of what we as humans are unfortunately capable of and a desire to contribute in any way possible preventing this part of our history to ever repeat itself. This, I believe, is the authors goal, to teach us, make us aware through his own experience, and hence give us a reason to hopefully prevent it in the future. The book starts out by telling us about an ordinary young boy, who happens to be Jewish living in Sighet, Transylvani. He introduces the reader to his family, community and especially to his interest in the jewish faith. When his father would not help Ellie to find a master to pursue his studies of the cabbala on account that Ellie was still too young, Ellie finds a master for himself. Moshe the Beadle, a poor man of all work, who lived humbly, and was liked by all in the community. He also happens to be a foreigner who one day was expelled from the town of Sighet. Rumors of horrible things happening to the expelled were all around the town, but nobody
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