Nike Sweatshop

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Interpersonal Behavior in the Workplace: Trust
Nike Inc., the sports apparel multinational company has been under suspicion and scrutiny for their practice of the unfair treatment and negligent labor habits in their offshore factories. They have been criticized for human rights abuse, child labor law violations, as well as minimum wages and trade union relations violations within a number of Asian countries. They subsequently misguided the public in an attempt to make one believe there is no substance to the allegations of their involvement. The abusive and exploitative treatment and working conditions in these factories has been touted as inhumane in nature as well as an implored violation of worker’s human rights (Figure 1).
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Corporate Responsibility:
The pyramid of corporate social responsibility is composed of four types of responsibilities: Philanthropic, Ethical, Legal and Financial. According to Greenburg, “To be socially responsible, companies must meet the four types of responsibilities (2013). Nike has portrayed its sweatshop allegations as more of a crime against public relations rather than face that they’ve violated the factory workers’ human rights. Their strategic decision has been to mislead the public. They have avoided addressing key issues regarding wages, forced overtime and suppression of workers ' right to freedom of association. This has led credence to civil and human rights groups to be justifiably correct in treating Nike with suspicion.
NIKE, Inc.’s code of ethics for all employees called, Inside the Lines, addresses the expectations of Nikes’ employees. It clearly defines the expectations of its employees to follow and include a range of topics regarding: employee activity, ethical behavior, product safety, legal compliance, competition and use of resources. Nike’s code of conduct specifically addresses and places emphasis on the conduct of contractors that manufacture Nike-branded products. It directs them to respect the rights of their employees and promises to provide workers with a safe and healthy work
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