Nintendo Co. Ltd.

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Nintendo Co. Ltd is an electronics company that manufactures and markets both hardware and software for home game systems. Their corporate headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington with manufacturing located in Kyoto, Japan. In June of 1998, Nintendo faced a major challenge within the scope of their business, ensuring the success of the Game Boy Color launch in Canada. Peter MacDougall, who was the president of Nintendo was responsible for ensuring just that. There were many factors that led up to the reasons way this launch was so important.

In the years of 1992 through 1996, Nintendo was experiencing declines in sales. In order to recover sales, they increased their marketing effort. Their most successful gaming system at the …show more content…

Developers soon felt reluctant to invest in the Game Boy because there were now other competitors in the market. Nintendo soon realized that the most effective way to jump back into the competitive market was to introduce a new product, which was the Game Boy Color.

When comparing the U.S consumer market to Canada’s, there were many differences. These differences ranged from the size of the market to cultural dissimilarities. This first Game Boy, which had a standard black and white screen, was introduced in Canada in 1989. Soon after, Nintendo continued adding new features, upgrades, and accessories to enhance their product. However, in the mid to late 1990’s Game Boy’s position in the market began to deteriorate as sales velocity quickly fell. The shift of the market gravitated toward Nintendo Consoles and competing platforms, which led to reduced advertising a promotional support for Game Boy. Due to the pricing strategy being the same for large direct accounts and distributors, many specialty stores had delisted Game Boy. These retailers felt that they were not achieving competitive returns on their sales of Game Boy hardware and software. Nintendo then encouraged large retailers to commit their “open to buy” dollars to Game Boy. This provided a more efficient inventory management system that created maximum and minimum inventory levels for each SKU number.

Many of the advertisements that were

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