Nintendo, The Japanese Video Game Console Manufacturing Corporation

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Nintendo, the Japanese video game console-manufacturing corporation, is one of the big players in the respected industry along with Sony and Microsoft. In 2006, when the competitors were following the industry norm to improve the product features, Nintendo began a new venture to target a new market with a new product that none of the competitors had. By combining virtual reality gaming features as well as the convenience of staying at home, Nintendo gave birth to the “Wii”. Today, they offer an updated version of this platform called “Wii U.” . It is said that Nintendo is expected to lose 240 billion dollars on sales in every category. Even the newest addition the Wii U, has not been doing so well and did not sell out in the market as…show more content…
We are strongly committed to producing and marketing the best products and support services available. We believe it is essential not only to provide products of the highest quality, but also to treat every customer with attention, consideration and respect. By listening closely to our customers, we constantly improve our products and services.” Nintendo has built up its reputation for decades with high quality products. Nintendo owes much of it’s success to it’s marketing strategy especially early in it’s development. The first Nintendo console to be offered in the United States was made available during a time when the video game market in the U.S. had just gone through a major decline. In the early 1980’s, American consumers typically associated video games with low quality products. The first Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was launched in Japan in 1983 and in response to the United States’ negative feelings towards gaming, was released to U.S. consumers in 1985. In order to effectively penetrate the American gaming market place, it required a well thought out marketing plan that would differentiate Nintendo’s product from the previous video games that had disappointed Americans so much.

The lack of consumer confidence in the United States was partially due to the misrepresentation of video games by marketers beginning in the 1970’s and into the early 1980’s. One of Nintendo’s marketing ideas was to make their box art
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