Nintendo, The Japanese Video Game Console Manufacturing Corporation

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Nintendo, the Japanese video game console-manufacturing corporation, is one of the big players in the respected industry along with Sony and Microsoft. In 2006, when the competitors were following the industry norm to improve the product features, Nintendo began a new venture to target a new market with a new product that none of the competitors had. By combining virtual reality gaming features as well as the convenience of staying at home, Nintendo gave birth to the “Wii”. Today, they offer an updated version of this platform called “Wii U.” . It is said that Nintendo is expected to lose 240 billion dollars on sales in every category. Even the newest addition the Wii U, has not been doing so well and did not sell out in the market as expected (Kohler, Chris- Wired Magazine). Unfortunately, Nintendo sales have been struggling due to fierce competition from Sony and Microsoft and the unanticipated market failure of their Wii U. With this said, we propose that Nintendo should continue to innovate and extend their company into uncharted territories by extending their brand into the television industry. Our proposed product, WiiTV, will combine both television and gaming system into one unified product to not only re-invent their gaming capabilities, but also to re-invent the television viewing experience as well.

Nintendo’s mission is to bring the highest quality products and services to their customers. Their philosophy is; “At Nintendo we are proud to be working for…

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