Niobium Research Paper

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The element Niobium has had an intriguing story, one that continues to this day. In 1734, the first governor of Connecticut, John Winthrop, found a new mineral and named in columbite. He then sent it to a museum in Britain. This new mineral rested in the British museum until 1801 when English Chemist Charles Hatchett decided to analyze columbite. Hatchett determined there was an element in columbite, yet he was unable to isolate it. However, he soon found the element Columbium, after the mineral it was found in. It is also Hatchett who is credited with the finding of Niobium (“NIOBIUM”). A few years later, in 1809, English chemist and physicist William Hyde Wollaston compared the minerals columbite and tantalite; he then declared columbium…show more content…
It lives in the neighborhood most commonly known as the Periodic Table. Niobium’s section of the neighborhood is known as the Metal section, mainly because the teenagers who live there like to play a lot of metal music. However, Niobium doesn’t complain for the children to “get off it’s lawn,” no, Niobium only complains that the music is not so loud it is shaking the house. It lives on the road of Group 5, Transition Metal. On this street, the teenagers play alternative metal music. Finally, it lives in house number 41 all by it’s lonesome. This element only chooses to live alone as it quite frequently travels and does not with to have the burden of a cat or dog (“The Element Niobium”). While we should all agree that it’s not about what is on the outside, but what is on the inside, we should also consider the fantastic physical properties of Niobium. Niobium is a solid (“Niobium”). This flashy element is shiny, white, and ductile (“Niobium Element Facts”). As grimy and dirty as what science can be, we can tell Niobium showers frequently as it has no odor (Dierks, S.). Niobium is clearly beautiful on both the inside and the…show more content…
I mean, no one likes them but do you want to pay for this essay? Anyways, this wonderful element has a great role in society. Sources? Carbonite and Tantalite. Niobium also has like a bazillion uses, including being used as a superalloy for jet engines and heat resistant equipment, in jewelry, as an alloy in pipeline construction, and with iron and other elements in stainless steel. Finally, Niobium is born by first being extracted through the formation of Niobium Oxide, and then reduced using carbon or hydrogen (“Niobium Element
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