No American Dream for Some

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Unfortunately, that dream was not for all Americans during the time of segregation. Eventually it was possible due to two very successful African-American leaders. These two inspirational men had the same idea of making America a better country, but they did not have the same strategies as in to how to make it better.

Martin Luther King believed in reaching African-American equality in the most peaceful way possible. “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” was once said by king in one of his many speeches. King’s inspiration for his non-violent activism was because of Mahatma Ghandi’s successful teachings. King traveled to India, which deepened his understanding in peaceful activism. Martin Luther King’s speeches were truly inspirational to his listeners. Spreading the word about peace being the only way to win equality was his way of teaching. Successfully, King’s wise words did free the slaves and change African-American history forever.

Malcolm X was all about speaking the truth and he had no time to fool around. He believed in everyone having equality, and he needed it to happen now. Unlike King, Malcolm X had a very different approach in how he was going to succeed. He believed that African-Americans were the original people of the world, that blacks were superior to whites. His teachings…

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