No Child Left Behind Act

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Winslow Gurney
Mrs. Linda Staten
AP English IV
13 March 2015
No Child Left Behind The No Child Left Behind Act was created in 2001 by President George W. Bush. The act was created to raise the standards of low performing children. The act was also created to reform an earlier education act put in place by President Johnson as a part of his War on Poverty; the Elementary and Secondary Education Act “...established that children from low-income homes required more educational services than children from affluent homes.” (Reforming No Child Left Behind )Paragraph and also it budgeted one billion dollars to Title I services in underprivileged high schools. The No Child Left behind act continued on the basis of this principle; however, very little is stated about the high achieving student in either act. The No Child Left Behind program does not address, nor does it provide, educational opportunities or benefits for the higher advanced learners. It has been said that the Elementary and Secondary Education Act is the most far-reaching federal legislation affecting education. This act created funds for primary and secondary education, as well as funds for professional development, common instructional materials, support to educational programs, and parent involvement within the school system. The ESEA however, forbid a national curriculum for schools. It was mainly meant to help give equal…

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