No Child Left Behind ( Nclb ) Essay

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NCLB and Title III in Relation to ELLs
No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has been something that brings out a lot of opinions of many different people living in the United States. As with everything political, people have positive opinions of NCLB, but also very negative ones. This spurs from the fact that NCLB may work better for some students, but perhaps not for others. Parents are frustrated by NCLB if their children struggle because of it and perhaps did not struggle before its existence. A lot of things are difficult pertaining to this Act, but one that may be much more difficult than others is when it comes down to dealing with how to teach ELL students in this country. Many people believe that Title III of NCBL really hurts ELLs in the United States, and there are many articles to prove that to be the case. Title III is very much dated in terms of what is happening in this country right now. When able to compare it to the Bilingual Education Act, it seems to have taken a step backward from what was happening in terms of education in the late 20th century. There seems to be more of a focus on ELLs learning English, and not worrying about their native language, even though many young students may not even be especially proficient in their native language, even more so if they came to the United States at a very young age. This paper will show how NCLB and Title III indeed hurt non native students when it comes to learning, and how not having the Act would help ELLs

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