No Euthanisia in Our Christian Community

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Firstly, as a Christian community, the practice of euthanasia in hospitals is an act against our morals and values since the process of someone dying is very significant in spiritual matters and should be best if it is not disturbed by human activity. As humans, we should all know that one's life and existence in this planet is one of the most valuable gift as we all posses and carry God's image and His distinct values. Looking more into this, humans posses a capacity that no other living being can do, and that is to make them see things in another perspective, using the complexity of their minds to develop abilities. Thus, a patient's life can't just end by force, no matter the circumstances that they are dying. Ending one's life isn't the only way to eradicate one's pain when dying, rather, there are other ways to comfort a patient. One must be open to other suggestive ways of care such as the showering of care and affection, supporting their loved one till their dying breath, and to be accepting of one's dying condition. Christians should learn to value their life more and the lives of others around them as these were all handed down by God and expected to be taken care of.

Secondly, if the act were to be legalized, it could give the chronically ill and dying patients the contagious idea of self-abuse and suicide. The idea of performing suicide by euthanasia if encouraged by doctors for the patient leaves an unintended consequence on society, more especially to the

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