No One Should Be Irrecovered Off Of Everest

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For this assignment I chose that no one should be rescued off of Everest if they know the terrain is dangerous.I say this because of these three reasons.People could die, It’s really dangerous, and It can be extremely difficult to get people off of the mountain.rescuing the people also put more people in danger than was intended. For my first reason people could die from people causing trouble on Everest.What could go wrong is avalanches, big rocks falling down on people, and animals like the snow leopard Himalayan black bear and the red panda.the air at the summit is really thin.So you have an oxygen mask to breath.The carabeiners could break killing the climbers on the rescue line.You could also get hape if you didn't have the proper training. …show more content…

finally my last reason is that it can be difficult to rescue them. the helicopter can crash as I said before. the rescue crew wouldn't be able to breathe at high altitude without the mask the cold could kill them since it can get at -40 degrees Fahrenheit. the wind can blow the rescue crew around or even off the mountain. this is really likely since the winds can go to the speed of 175 miles per hour.that is even stronger than a category 5 little mix up so they need to make sure they're safety equipment is safe to use. Now to conclude my point on why people shouldn't be rescued on Everest the three reasons could harm the climbers people could die it's very dangerous and it's very hard to rescue the people in trouble.To sum it up I believe that people shouldn't be rescued on Everest even though they know the risks and

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