No Prayer in Public Schools Essay

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In 1789, delegates from the 13 states of a new nation created a Constitution that established policies which had never before been seen. One of those policies guaranteed a complete seperation of Church and State. However, almost 210 years later, the relationship between public school and religion is still unclear. What must be realized is that religious practice in school is against the very basic policies of our nation. In a country as diverse as the United States, openly observing any religion in a school has the possibility of inflicting offense onto others. School should be a place where students feel comfortable to learn and achieve. No student should have to learn to deal with feelings of discomfort based on the actions of a…show more content…
Often times, openly practicing religion at school can be found to be discomforting, or even offensive. One such example occured earlier this year in an activity sponsored by Saratoga High's Alive club. In this activity, groups of Christian teens gathered together to pray during tutorial in front of the school's main enterance. Harmless as this event may have seemed, it nonetheless sparked feelings of discomfort from Christians and non-Christians alike. Many students felt uncomfortable walking past the group. Others felt excluded by the congregation of over 30 students crowding the entrance. Junior Alive member Ceron Rhee said in its defense that the exercise wasn't meant to harm anyone. That they were merely in their own little world. Yet, to non-Christians, this open practice could have been interpreted as an open advocacy of the Christian faith. Though the event may have inflicted no actual harm, it nonetheless resulted in discomfort. Using religion for charity and education is commendable, but practicing religion at school should not be allowed. Though those practicing the religion may intend no malice toward others, the fact that they are exercising religion could potentially cause exclusion and discomfort. But if a religion is practiced in open view causing others to feel uncomfortable or excluded, that should not be allowed. If flyers are being passed out inviting students to attend an off-campus religious

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