No Snow On It, And That Really Bothered Me Essay

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with no snow on it, and that really bothered me. I just kept wondering, what 's going to happen? Why do we allow a rapid change in the earth 's environment to occur when we 're the ones causing it? (Lachance)
Therefore, Sarah began wondering what she could do to change the fate of the earth and her son’s future. She came across a statistic on the usage of CFL light bulbs which reported if every household replaced 5 standard light bulbs with CFLs, 21 power plants would close down with the amount of energy saved in a year. She thought to herself, light bulbs? “I realized that there 's a lot of power in small changes” ( Lachance 140 ). Living in an 1852 colonial village, she strives to continue to make her life even greener. Spending 1,000 on attic insulation produced a return in 3 years with the money saved on energy bills. In addition, she installed cellulose, which 85% of its makeup is recycled paper filler. Moreover, the small changes made by Sarah are her hybrid Prius, which saves her approximately 400 gallons of gas or $1,400 a year and attic Installation which saves her 156 gallons of oil and $546 dollars annually.
Thus, reduce, reuse and recycle, can be argued by supporters and opponents that it may or may not alter one 's lifestyle. However, it 's clear the practice is good for the environment. According to the EPA, recycling and composting waste results in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). In 2014, the recycling and composting of 89 million tons of

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