No Woman No Cry : Film Analysis

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From the film No woman No cry, it has shown me the reality of the Womanhood and how hard it is to become a mother. In Korean culture, we also have the similar perspective on mothers like most places in the world as it shown in the film. Many people do believe that role of the mothers are to let go of their true identity as themselves and to be someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for their child in order to earn the title a mother. In many cultures, even in western countries where it seems to be more developed and women seemed to voice out their opinions more, many women do go through the constructed mindset that our social institution have formed on the word Mother. Before watching this film, my perspective of mother was someone who is well organized, speaks in soft voice, and a role model. However, throughout this film I have realized how selfness mothers are and how their sexual beings of their own identity is taken away through their motherhood.
As I was watching the film, a young pregnant girl at the age of 16 with no economic or family support except her mother made me wonder how hard it is for this young girl to feel the burden, and to suffer through all the physical, and psychological hardships. Not only did her father and boyfriend left her because they were ashamed of her, but to further add to this, she was also not able to get any medical care that she needed during her pregnancy. In the film, it showed all different countries where women are not…
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