Nobillingland: A Short Story

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Once upon a time, very long ago there was a land so majestic and unbelievable that no one above the age of 21 will believe it ever existed. This land was free of stress, worries, and everyone lived a carefree life. Adults and children could live life as careless as a tree bug and no one could stop them. What’s this land called you may ask? Nobillingland. In Nobillingland there was no such thing as “paying bills”. Adults had the luxury of free natural resources so water bills, gas bills, light bills, and many other expenses didn’t exist in Nobillingland. The queen of Nobillingland was a woman by the name of Sasha Sin Facturas and she was from a place where citizens struggled to pay their bills called Payuppington. One day Sasha escaped …show more content…

Nobillingland was now just another Payuppington. The villagers now had to pay light bill, water bill, phone bill, mortgage, and they even had to pay to take out their garbage. The life that everyone in Nobillingland once knew was now crushed like Georgia when the Falcons lost the Super Bowl. George and Mort felt very accomplished. They knew that they had finally won the battle and the people of Nobillingland would now live a unhappy miserable life but they were completely wrong. Having to pay bills didn’t stop the people of Nobillingland from doing the things they enjoyed the most. Everyone still walked around with smiles on their faces and joy in their voices. 100 years later the cursed village of Nobillingland continued to grow in population and land. People are now living in debt struggling to survive. Everyone now lives paycheck to paycheck and each generation is worse than the last. Everything that the people of Nobillingland worked so hard to keep us away from was now our reality. The moral of the story is your purpose in life isn’t to live, pay bills, and die. We all have purpose it’s just up to us to find that purpose and live for it. Don’t let the stress of bills restrict you from doing the things that make you

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