Nokia Swot Analysis

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Nokia SWOT Analysis Strengths Strong brand image is Nokia's core asset. The company continues to strengthen its brand equity through various marketing campaigns. Nokia's brand was the fifth most valued brand in the world according to the top 100 best brands list compiled by InterBrand in 2009, and was the only mobile phone manufacturer in the top 10 best brands list. A strong and highly visible brand enables the company to command a premium for its products and differentiate itself from competitors. The company has been the leading player in the global mobile devices market since 1998. The company's strong market position, besides enhancing the brand image, provides economies of scale in operation. Nokia has the unique production…show more content…
Nokia also faces significant price competition in this market as phones are being offered at lower price or free, when purchased with a contract. Although the company has been the leading player in the global mobile devices market, the market shares in its other industries are being reducing. Opportunities The company launched Ovi Life Tools (Nokia Ovi Sheng Huo Tong), which offers a range of information services covering healthcare, agriculture, education and entertainment. Launch of new innovative services will enable the company to enhance its customer base thereby increasing its revenues in the coming years. The company made several strategic acquisitions in the recent years. The company's strategic acquisitions enhance its offering and enable it to record revenue growth from new offerings, while providing competitive advantage. It allows high bandwidth applications, is expected to increase with the growing need for advanced data and video services. New growth markets where cell phone adoption still has room to go, including India and other countries. Threats Nokia faces intense competition in all the segments of the communications market it operates. In the low-end mobile devices segment, the company has been facing competition South Korean mobile device companies such as LG and Samsung, while it continues to compete with Motorola and Sony Ericsson, among others. In the high end mobile devices/smart phones segment, the company
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