Non Pharmacological Case Study

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Music is Non-Pharmacological
The aching pained stabbed and pulsed through the body of a women waiting in line, desperate for relief. As her turn came, she gratefully snatched her prescription from the Pharmacist, and although her deep desire for the pill bottle created shameful uneasiness, she needed this bitter pill. As common as addiction to prescription drugs occur, it would seem that the obvious route is non-pharmacological which is defined as any therapy that does not include drugs. In the medical world, holistic case studies are often burdened with narrowing down the broad term of a truly “non-pharmacological” treatment or therapy. When people think of chronic pain or sedation, thoughts are often oriented in a negative direction which may include quality of life due to addiction or side effects. Moreover, the search for this “non-pharmacological” therapy is slowly researched due to the many possible methods, like the overlooked treatment of music.
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In order to relieve patients, nurses are often required to administer risky sedation medication which has equally disturbing side effects that include vomiting, hypotension, respiratory depression, and much more. And yet, something as inexpensive as music has yet to be truly tested as a non-pharmacological therapy for these situations. For the most part, music’s healing power has the ability to become a method of distraction and promote peace through reducing sympathetic nerve control, which involves respiration rates, muscle tension, and gastric activity (Austin 2010). After all, it seems to be promising in neutralizing the anxiety based symptoms associated with sedation or ventilation which could lead to a breakthrough in holistic
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