Non Problematic And Problematic Internet Use Among University Students Of Medical Colleges

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Non-problematic and problematic internet use among university students of medical colleges in Zagazig, Egypt
Internet use had been obviously increased, especially during the last decades. This increase may be partially related to overspread of use of smart phones, computers and tablets, with great enhancement of internet accessibility. All those facilities had helped youth to communicate in various ways like E-mail, video conferencing, instant messaging, and social networking. Moreover, internet use enabled them to obtain or share huge floods of information of different prospectives and several interests (1, 2).
Despite the unlimited internet benefits in our daily lives, there were growing concerns about the problematic use of internet; synonymously called as ‘Internet addiction” (3). Internet addiction had been considered by some as one of the epidemics of 21st century (4). This addiction, according to several studies, had resulted in direct negative impacts on the individual life, affecting both the personal and familial aspects. Moreover, internet addiction had various physical and psychological consequences, as it would negatively affect physical activity, nutrition, sleep, with more proneness to certain disorders like low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, depression and anxiety disorders (5, 6).
University students are more vulnerable to develop problematic internet use than most other community groups. This vulnerability can be attributed to availability

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