Non Verbal Communication : A Coffee Shop

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Observation The site I chose for observing non-verbal communication was a coffee shop that I go to frequently to study. This coffee shop is located in the center of town, is adjacent to a bus terminal, a community college’s satellite campus and close to office buildings. This coffee shop is always busy with a diverse group of patrons from students, businessmen and women, and elderly couples and friends. After observing several potential duos, I decided on two females who I started observing as they approached the coffee shop. Both women appeared to be in their mid twenties. They were walking side-by-side, arms linked and both looking straight ahead as they entered the coffee shop. One woman had brunette hair, which was styled and shoulder length. She was dressed all in black, with black leggings, top and black boots. She had a silver necklace and black purse. The other woman had short blonde, tussled hair. She too was dressed all in black; black pants, shoes and a black t-shirt. She was also carrying a backpack. The blonde appeared to have some visual disability as she was carrying a cane and using it to gauge the whereabouts of tables and counters. Her right eyelid drooped down and appeared almost closed while the left eye was open. They stopped briefly at a square table in the middle of the coffee shop, right by the door so the blonde could get her wallet from her backpack. From here they proceeded to the ordering counter, where the brunette stayed close by the blonde,

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