Non Verbal Communication In Health Care

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Verbal communication is choice words influenced by education, age, gender, and culture. It’s the exchange of information that is used to continue additional conversation or provide necessary information. Verbal communication can be bias to one’s own beliefs and experiences and is often misunderstood when these biases are placed at the forefront. Effective verbal communication in health care employs more than one’s own opinion but embraces the thoughts of the patients. Non-verbal communication interprets verbal communication through systemic observation and behaviors. It relies on the five senses and reflexes on these senses to interpret emotions. Non-verbal communication can be misinterpreted when there is a lack of eye contact, dismissal …show more content…

To some, therapeutic communication involves the process of verbal interactions between two or more people. This interaction can exchange information, elaborate on a topic, or formulate opinion in a day to day process. Day to day communication, however, does not rely on building and grouping information for a distinctive cause, thus the aim of communication is not focused on personal rapport but through a process where information is exchanged between individuals, (Merriam-Webster,2015). Likewise, person-centered communication is targeted toward interpersonal contact, the sharing of experience, and a deep understanding of self and other, (Motschnig & Nykl, 2014). Person-centered communication combines the feelings and thoughts of all involved not the needs and wants of the individual, however, a significant element of person-centered care is effective therapeutic communication between care providers and clients, (Schwind,McCay, Metersky, &Martin, 2016). To many, communication stands alone and encompasses behaviors for those involved to develop ways to set a more functional personal structure of conveying information. Communication is a complex process of sending and receiving messages. Similarly, therapy alone does not include communication but is an action of doing or treating. By definition therapy is treatment intended to relive or heal a disorder, (Meriam-Webster, 2015). Therapeutic communication in a hospital setting is essential in maintaining good quality of life because it allows the provider to interact with the patient while at the same time providing comfort. In order to provide care that is therapeutic there should be demonstration of respect and compassion while communicating with the patient (Webster, 2013). The belief that all communication is therapeutic overlooks the person as a human being or the patient as an emotional

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