Nonrenewable Resource : Nonrenewable Resources Essay

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The Future of Nonrenewable Sources Nonrenewable sources of energy have effect many Americans. Every time a person turns on their vehicle and travel to certain destinations they use up gas. Every three to four months a vehicle needs an oil change. Other than the amount of materials being consume is the high prices people have to pay to get these materials. Oil and coal are to important nonrenewable resource, which means that they cannot be replaced quickly. Science and technology are changing quickly, therefore these nonrenewable resource can be replaced by renewable resources in the near future. Also, saving people some money and keeping the environment clean. Nonrenewable sources Oil, one of the important nonrenewable resource, are refined into petroleum products like gasoline. The United States uses so much petroleum for energy that in “2014, total U.S. petroleum consumption was about 19 million barrels per day” (EIA, 2016). As long as Americans drive vehicles that require petroleum products people will have to use this nonrenewable resource. Coal, another nonrenewable resource, is used for steel production. “Global steel production is dependent on coal. 70% of the steel produced today uses coal”, and that means that many public and private buildings include steel when creating them (World Coal Ass 2013). These are nonrenewable sources, therefore meaning that they might run out in the near future. Renewable sources are always available and these sources might be the
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