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Nonverbal Communication Codes
• View the following video located on the student website:

o ABC News' 20/20: That’s So Rude: Cultural Differences in Manners between Japan and the U.S. (2006)

• Analyze the nonverbal communication codes demonstrated in the video.
• Answer the questions located below each image from the video.
• Save this document to your desktop.

1. What cultural barriers are seen in this image?
In this imagine we see adolescents rebelling to adults in the way they dress. Young teens in Japan start to refuse the kimono, and they dress more fashionable. This is not appreciated by the Japanese culture which used to have the shame culture, which is a code that shows what
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4. What nonverbal communication skills and strategies could be used to communicate effectively in this situation?
I think the girls are using the strategy of body language, attraction, territory and facial language to demonstrate and show their ideas to people. They don’t need to talk to show what they want to show, and the choose the strategy of using nonverbal communication to pass from person to person the message that are trying to give, expand and share from person to person.

1. What nonverbal messages are being sent in this image?
In Tokyo in same areas is not allowed to smoke in public because the action of smoking is bad for the community. People have spaces designated for smokers. The nonverbal communication of smoking shows bad influence for the community. The main action of nonverbal communication of this imagines is smoking and smokes segregate from the nonsmokers.

2. What type of nonverbal communication codes are being used to deliver the messages?
The body movement and posture done while smoking delivers the nonverbal communication of people smoking. If people will not see these actions it makes the Japanese culture looks better and protects the nonsmokers. Gestures done with the arms and hand are also showed in this picture as a nonverbal communication of a smoker.

3. What effect does each message have on the other people in the image?
The nonverbal communication of people smoking gives a bad influence
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