Nonviolent Resistance Movement : The Color Revolutions Essay

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The Color Revolutions were a series of nonviolent resistance movements that proved to be fairly effective in regards to overthrowing regimes in the late twentieth century (Goldstone 2014). These nonviolent resistance strategies can include peaceful protests, strikes, or sit-ins or occupations of public spaces. Two of the most important factors in the recent success of nonviolent resistance movements have been the role of mass media, such as cell phones and social media, and an international network of activists that provide support and training in order to increase the chance of success of these movements (Goldstone 2014). Any modern day protest following the Color Revolutions, such as a non-violent resistance movement against student loan debt, would need to capitalize on the importance of technology in today 's society and how it has created so many networks of allies that can assist in movements. If you were to ask any college student what their main concern for the future was, the majority would probably respond with questions about how, and if, they are ever going to be able to pay off their student loans. There are currently 44.2 million Americans with student loan debt and the average amount owed by the class of 2016 is $37,172 (Student Loan Hero 2016). This value is up six percent from 2015 with no sign of slowing down without major policy overhaul to reduce the amount of debt that students owe (Student Loan Hero 2016). Many of the jobs that young people are

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