North Kore A Communist Country

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In the United States people are able to view politics however they please, and some other countries are the same way. One country that keeps a tight hold on its people and their beliefs is North Korea. North Korea is a communist country and some would say that they do things very different then other countries. North Korea believes very strongly in their ways of government and are very strict about their followers. Very few people try to rise against North Korea 's ways of government, but for the few who do their world 's get turned upside down. People who speak up and rise against the government usually get shipped out to brutal labor camps, also known as Gwalliso. In these camps a person can experience hard labor such as mining, logging,…show more content…
Not saying that the government of North Korea may not be trying to kill off an entire race of people, but they are in a similar way killing for reasons people should not even put in jail for, like not supporting their government. While the Germans had massive ovens that they would burn people to death in, North Korea is a little less harsh in that manner. If a person stands up against the North Korean government they will be sentenced to a life in a forced labor camp. Not only will the person be sentenced to life in a camp most of the time their close family will also be forced to rot in the camps for their families wrong doings. Most of the time for political reasons like this people will get sent to the “political” forced labor camps which are 14, 15, 16, and 25. On average these camps hold 80,000 to 120,000 prisoners (Brooks, 1). In recent trends, these numbers have been falling for the political camps, the locals were forced to believe that it was because of a new camp opening and they were in the middle of transferring people to the new camps. The pictures taken from satellite proves this wrong. From the looks of the pictures a person can see giant mounds and piles of dead bodies just laying there without graves. What are they killing for? Most of these people are just in these camps just for the shear fact that one of their family member stood up for their rights and what they believe is right. Not only are the guards
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