North Korea Research Paper

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North Korea is a self-proclaimed Democratic country however; it is very different when you look at the details. The people of North Korea do not have the same freedoms as any other democratic country. They are force fed their freedoms all while living in a political nightmare. What the people have is the illusion of freedom and their choices are predefined. In the United States, we have the political freedom to vote for whomever we choose and as for the North Koreans, they have the right to vote although it comes with a twist. In an article published by it states, "Refusing to vote, or voting for someone other than the one approved candidate, is taken as an active challenge to the Supreme Leader 's Guidance system since one is rejecting the choice they offered,"(North Korean Elections 1). According to the 2011 local elections, the voter turnout was at 98.82 percent however if you do not vote for the one and only official on the ballot it be considered an act of treason, (North Korean Elections 2). That is not how democracy works. Democracy is for the people and by the people. North Korea is communism with a sugar coating of democracy. Kim Jong-Un has ultimate power and is considered a god. He has the power to uplift and destroy any and all those who would dare oppose him. The people of North Korea are forced to live in fear and persecution all for the supreme leader’s political benefit. Fear and persecution also flow into North Korean economics. The

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