Nose Plugs Research Paper

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Nose plugs can be one of the best thing a swimmer has put on in his his or her swimming career or it could be the worse. One professional athlete and olympic swimmer who wears a nose plug is Tyler Clary. He won the silver medal in the 200 meter backstroke in the 2008 olympic games. In 2010 he had the american record for the fastest 200 meter backstroke. In the 2012 olympic games Tyler Clary won gold in the backstroke wearing a nose plug. Tyler Clary is one of the only Olympic swimmers who wears a nose clip and he is one of the best. Another good swimmer who wears a nose plug is a Katie Ledecky. Katie Ledecky is a USA swimmer who has the current world record for the 800 meter freestyle. She has a total of 11 Olympic medals.

Other than buying a swimsuit, goggles, and a cap, the nose plug is the next thing on the list for beginners. The Biggest advantage of wearing a nose plug is it prevents water from entering the nose. Getting water up the nose is the one of the worst feelings. It could mess up the whole race and slow the swimmer down. Another advantage of wearing a nose plug is the flip turns. For a beginner swimmer flip turns can be hard. Putting on a nose plug will make it so the swimmer doesn’t have to exhale out of his or her nose while in the flip turn. The nose plug will help you work on …show more content…

One of the disadvantages is that breathing is overall less efficient. Wearing a nose plug stops the breathing through the nose so breathing is only through the mouth. Another disadvantage is that the swimmer will have a greater tendency to hold your breath. Holding your breath should be avoided. It is better to exhale more frequently in the water because it keeps the body more relaxed and the stroke more fluid. Another disadvantage is that the nose clip is very uncomfortable. The clip can get uncomfortable because is a piece of plastic that is squeezing the swimmer’s nose

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