Not All Cosmetics Are Created Equally

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Not all cosmetics are created equally
Do you look and feel incomplete without make-up? Can you go through a day without using any cosmetics? Try as we might, abandoning cosmetics that are a daily part of our routine may be a firm task because of the wide range of cosmetics available to consumers. The definition of cosmetics varies from person to person with a wide range of products to choose from. Cosmetics not only include everyday make-up but also include products such as “deodorants, sunscreen, toothpaste, and soap among others” (Cosmetics and Skin). The “average person consumes up to ten of these different products daily” (Cosmetics and Skin). As the use of cosmetics has increased, people have taken more interest in the cosmetic
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Many cosmetic companies run their business by producing items full of toxins and chemicals. These chemicals not only harm humans, but also impair Earth and diminish its natural resources. Much of the products we use to protect and cleanse our bodies are malefic to us and our environment. Furthermore, the changing course of our environment starts from the packaging of these toxic products. In most households, bottles and tubes that contain shampoos, moisturizers, and other products are thrown away after each use and they build up in landfills. It is no surprise that “beauty products account for ⅓ of all landfill waste” (Beauty and the Environment). In addition, “the plastic used for packaging is a big danger because it is non-biodegradable; taking hundreds of years for these bottles and packages to break down” (Beauty and the Environment). “Human nature partakes of nature, participated in it, is dependent on it, and yet,” Berry states, “is different from it” (520).
Humans have been dependent on nature while Most chemical components in many products don’t break down, instead they add up in our ecosystems. A daily routine of cosmetic users is removing the cosmetics they have used throughout the day. “The most damaging effect of toxins in cosmetics is when they are washed down into our sinks” (Pollution Issues). This chemically-infected water vaporizes into the atmosphere, creating clouds, and comes back to Earth as rain. Chemicals also
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