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Not Your Average War: The War of 1812 Often considered the Second War of Independence, The War of 1812 was a conflict between America and the British Empire. With ongoing battles between England and France in the 19th century (Napoleonic Wars), the infant United States who recently won their independence (1773-1783) found themselves in the middle of a ground-breaking war. The war began to address problems the Americans were having with the British Empire; one of them being the failure to withdraw from the territory alongside the Great Lakes and no trade/commercial agreements were in America’s favor. With tension growing between the sides, America declared war on Britain June 1812 and this war would span to January 1815 with what…show more content…
The bill was unenforceable and repealed in 1808 due to its unpopularity. The Embargo Act failed to do its job in halting exports because the vessels owners chose not to adhere to the laws no matter the consequence they continued on with little remorse. The aftermath of the first Embargo Act being signed was repealed three days before Jefferson left office, and it was replaced by the Non-Intercourse Act on March 1, 1809, which lifted all embargoes with the exception for those on Britain and France. During this tumultuous era in US History over the choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Napoleon and his troops were in a heated battle with Great Britain. The Napoleonic Wars (1779-1815est.) were fought mainly between France, under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte, and a number of European countries as a continuation of The French Revolution. The 1812 war, although it did not involve the French and Campbell 3 their allies helped Napoleon in that Britain could no longer use troops and supplies in the war against France since there was an Embargo. The leader of the French was a self appointed, ruthless Napoleon Bonaparte who designed a policy to strengthen France and for him to become more popular. The Napoleonic Wars concluded with the Battle of Waterloo (June 1815) where Napoleon saw his remaining elite guards

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