Notes On Fingerprints And Fingerprints

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Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Introduction to fingerprints
1.1.1 What are fingerprints?
Fingerprints are characterised by their individual detailing and patterns. They are formed and individualized during the growth of the foetus in the womb, the process in which this happens is unclear, however it is clear that once the fingerprints have matured they stay the same throughout a person’s life, they do not alter unless the person has an incident resulting in a permanent scar, this scar will then still appear in the fingerprint as the skin sheds and regenerates. Fingerprints are left behind when the pad of the finger comes into contact with different surfaces. The details left behind are caused by secretions of sweat from the eccrine glands
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Patent fingerprints also known as visible fingerprints, they are fingerprints that visible to the human eye with no need for development techniques. They are usually found in fluids such as blood or ink and on surfaces like glass and door frames.
Plastic fingerprints are those which are impressed within a soft material or tissue after being pressed into the material.
Full fingerprints are the fingerprints that are found which have the whole are of the fingerprint. Partial fingerprints are just that, they are found and only part of the fingerprint is present. 1.1.4 Fingerprints found at crime scenes Identification
When a fingerprint is found a crime scene, it needs to be recovered in order for it to be matched and identified as belonging to a specific person. However having just one fingerprint from a crime scene is not enough to match it to one person, there needs to be a fingerprint to compare it to. There will need to be the fingerprint recovered from the crime scene and a reference fingerprint, usually taken from a suspect. They will then be compared to one another, during this comparison fingerprints are examined for three levels of details. Level one detailing is the pattern (loop, whorl, arch), the pattern itself cannot be used to match the fingerprints, though it can be used to exclude a specific person of interest if the patterns are not the same. The second level of detailing looked for is the minutiae detailing and
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