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Waimarama Maori Tours Logo Search Search Search Home Tours Gallery Stories About Us Book a tour Testimonials Contact Discover and experience Maori culture in Hawke 's Bay Book A Tour Pouhokio 21 January 2013 PouhokioWater has always been of importance to our people. The Maori word for water is ‘wai’ and it should be noted that ‘wai Maori’ refers to the purest water available. In ancient Waimarama there were many streams that would originate in the foothills and join together in to three main streams that would empty out in to the sea. Starting from the northern end we have the Totara and moving southward we have the Waingongoro and the stream at the northern end is the Pouhokio. Today the Waingongoro no longer empties in to the sea but has been diverted to join up with the Totara. The Pouhokio remains almost where it has always been and it is this river that runs alongside the village settlement. It was the Pouhokio that caused the most damage in the devastating floods of April 2011. Of ongoing concern to the Maori people of Waimarama has been the deterioration and decline of these rivers due to pollution and over use for irrigation. We have a long standing grievance with regard to the Waingongoro River and the recent furore regarding the encroachment by private landowners on to the Public Pouhokio reserve has bought the Pouhokio River back in to the limelight. At that time when so many people were claiming ‘rights’ it occurred to me that there was little attention

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