Notes On : Reviving Religion

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1) Reviving Religion
a) People were now embracing Deism which rejected divinity of Christ and concept of sinning. They believed that there was some supreme person that created the aspects of the universe b) Deism helped spread Unitarian faith in New England. This faith consisted of believing that in only in one person God existed there c) The Second Great Awakening started in the 1800s. This caused lots of changes such as moving towards abolishing as well as moving towards women rights i) Baptists and Methodist stressed a lot about emotionalism ii) Peter Cartwright was known as the traveling preachers iii) Charles Grandison Finney was one of the greatest preachers during the 2nd awakening
2) Denominational Diversity
a) Since there were so many people preaching in New York about hellfire it was known as the Burned-Over District
b) Conservatives and Methodists consisted on different social classes such as the Methodists consisted of the Southern/Western people, while the conservatives consisted of people in the East who were usually more rich
3) A Desert Zion in Utah
a) Joseph Smith founded a new religion of Mormonism due to his visions. He was killed but Brigham Young would replace him as the "leader" i) Young led the Mormons to Utah, and due to their religion it took Utah a long time to become a state
4) Free Schools

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