Notes on Significant Religious Events and People in History

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The Council of Trent was fairly important in its role of stratifying the Christian Church. The council occurred over a period of nearly 20 years in Italy and was initiated by the Roman Catholic Church. There were a number of points of contention that the council was able to satisfy with other components of Christianity, namely those pertaining to the Protestant movement that was still relatively new at the time. Essentially, the council was able to formalize proceedings and practices for several sacraments and other conceptions of Christianity including notions of original sin and the Eucharist. The Hanseatic League occurred approximately between the 13th and the 17th centuries along the coastline of the Northern part of Europe. What the league was initially formed for was to secure trade for merchants who traveled outside of their native cities. It involved cities in various parts of Germany and Holland, among other nations. Trade guilds and those for merchants helped to develop many of the measures that were implemented by the guild in attempts to protect the economic interests of European cities when their merchants traveled abroad to inherently import and export goods. The Society of Jesus was the principle organization that engendered the modern day scion of Christianity whose members are known as Jesuits. This society was initially formed by Ignatius in the early part of the 16th century. Ignatius developed this organization in accordance with the will of the Pope
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