Notes on the Impact of Globalization in Bangladesh

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Letter of Transmittal

26 September 2012
Sayed Tanim Muhammed Tareq

Dear Sir,
I am pleased to present the annual report on the Globalization impact in Bangladesh.
This report has been prepared to meet the requirements on the basis of reasons effecting Bangladesh due to Globalization.
Our annual report is submitted in accordance with the provisions of the knowledge provided and shared between our team members. The annual report of this project has also been prepared in line with the requirements and guidance provided by our lecturer of “introduction to business”.

Yours Sincerely
Ibtahaz mehbub khan Tuhin


First and most of all we thank the Almighty Allah the most graceful and the most merciful. I
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In this course we were instructed to choose a topic relating to globalization and expand our knowledge of it through research, discussions, and blogging. My topic for this course was Bangladesh; with the focus being whether or not globalization has been an overall positive or negative change for the country.

Globalization’s Impact on Bangladesh
The term globalization is very familiar worldwide and is being used frequently during oral and written communication. So, it is a buzzword. But what it really signifies is required to be clearly understood. The origin of the word globalization is globe. We know the word globe means model of the earth composite body that contains valuable animate and inanimate objects with multi-configuration in a space called universe. Human being is one of the superior animate objects. We, as the human being of the earth made our global efforts to globalize the various activities to satisfy the needs and wants. The process by means of which our activities are integrated and created interdependence globally is called globalization. Therefore, globalization can be defined as the on-going economic, technological, social and political integration of the world. Through the process of globalization the economic, cultural, social, political, and environmental interdependence level has been increasing day by day over the vast distances. However, the vast distances with the advent of science and technology have
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