Notre Dame Future Plans

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Next week in school is College week! I know I still have roughly four more years, but, I have been thinking on where I want to go college wise. When I graduate from high school, I want to go to Notre Dame, they have a wonderful teaching system for lawyers. I want to be a lawyer after high school. Tuition and fees at the University of Notre Dame are $47,929 without financial aid. With room, board, and other fees combined, total cost of attendance is $64,775. I have looked into the University of Notre Dame, and I have noticed that the campus is very enormous. I have never really lived in a big city, so I think that's going to Notre Dame will be new and exciting! I also never left my family for long and Notre Dame isn't too far away from my …show more content…

The layout of Notre Dame, the way they teach is interesting to me. They have real lawyers who come down to teach students criminal law and evidence. They have pretend trials as test, meaning they have their students go and be a judge, attorney, etc… Going to this school will be challenging but iI want them to challenge me so that I can be an extravagant lawyer. Being a lawyer has been my dream job since i was in 6th grade, so me getting into this school would help me achieve my goals. I picked Notre Dame because, I was looking online about what kind of colleges there is to help me become a successful lawyer. I was flummoxed by all of the colleges that I could go to, but, what caught my eye with Notre Dame is the fact that they will challenge me. It is a very good school to go to if you want to become a lawyer. My uncle Jack is a lawyer, he went to Notre Dame and he told me that it was an excellent school to attend to. These are just some of the reasons I wish to attend the University of Notre Dame. There are many reasons why and how Notre Dame is the college I want to attend after I graduate high school. If I can’t attend Notre Dame for whatever reason, I would like to attend Yale or Harvard. They are also really good colleges to attend. Although they are not the school I really wish to attend they will do just fine

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