Nova Scotia's Imperial Expansion

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Halliburton’s text is a personal description of Nova Scotia’s landscape and its nature but most importantly is used as a tool for Imperial Expansion. As mentioned in the summary, Halliburton is thanked by the House for writing a detailed text on Nova Scotia and its resources for the possibility of further development. He discusses in-depth Nova Scotia’s natural beauty and extensive resources in their simplest forms, to persuade the House to appreciate the beauty of the province and what is has to offer for them. Not only does he discuss the cities of Nova Scotia, particularly the city of Halifax but he describes in detail the rural areas of the province. Halliburton doesn’t discuss rural folk in his text; but he discusses the beauty and simplicity of rural Nova Scotia landscape. …show more content…

Haliburton’s text is compared to Wordworth’s view on nature, each write with an emphasise on what nature had to offer the individual soul. Both Haliburton and Wordsworth have a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature, especially nature untouched by humans and their reshaping of the natural world. In fact, Haliburton, the only mention of human live in his text is when he mentions the Indians that passed on the Liverpool route. We can compare Wordsworth’s fascination with the lives of rural folk, those who he saw the closest to nature and most in tune with nature to Halliburton’s reference to the Indian who would be the closest in society to nature and the most in tune with the

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