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Summary of the Road
The Road is a post-apocalyptic fiction novel. The background of this novel takes place in America after an unknown disaster, which almost wipes away human civilization. On the vast wasteland, a father and a son with a cart start their journey to the South. The main story is about their adventures on the road. They observe the fall of civilization, through ruins of cities scattering all over the horizon and the fall of humanity, even as robbers and cannibals are threatening them all the time. During the journey, they search for food, water and all equipments that could help them overcoming the future path. The father gets sick that he believes he would not accomplish this path at the end, so his only hope is keeping his son safe to the destination. The son is young and inexperienced to understand what is surrounding them that he keeps a childish mind for everything, and he loves his father as his only support. On the road, the father usually talks with his son. The topic is variety of life, death, hope and their future. They share their thinking and confusions in the conversation to encourage each other. This blood bind connects them all the way through their journey and defends them from being fallen and dead. But when the time flows away, they are facing starvation, loneliness and death that shake their faith for survive.

The Road, a famous novel written by Cormac McCarthy, talks about a story in a

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