Nt1310 Unit 1 Memory Questions And Answers

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1. Memory unit that interconnects flexibly with the CPU is called the

A) Main memory
B) Secondary memory

C) Supplementary memory

D) Index
2. Data transfer among the main memory and the CPU register proceeds place through two registers namely.......

A) Overall purpose register and MDR

B) accumulator and program security

C) MAR and MDR

D) MAR and Accumulator ans:c 3. An exclusion condition in a computer system produced by an event outside to the CPU is called........

A) Interrupt

B) Stop

C) Wait

D) Method
Ans: A) Interrupt

4. When the CPU identifies an interrupt, it then protects its .............

A) Earlier State

B) Succeeding State

C) Current State

D) Both A and B
Ans: C) Current State

5. A micro program is …show more content…

The channel which switches the multiple requirements and multiplexes the data transmissions from these devices a byte at a time is recognized as.....

A) multiplexor channel

B) the picker channel

C) block multiplex channel

D) None
Ans : A) multiplexor channel

10. The address planning is done, when the program is primarily loaded is called......

A) active relocation

B) rearrangement

C) static relocation

D) dynamic as well as static relocation
Ans : C) static relocation

11. State whether the resulting statement is true or false for PCI bus.

i) The PCI bus tuns at 33 MHZ and can transmission 32-bits of data (four bytes) each clock tick.

ii) The PCI edge chip may support the video adapter, the EIDE disk supervisor chip and may be two external adapter cards.

iii) PCI bus distributes the different throughout only on a 32-bit interface that extra parts of the machine deliver through a 64-bit path.

A) i- True, ii- False, iii-True

B) i- False, ii- True, iii-True

C) i-True, ii-True, iii-False

D) None
Ans : C) i-True, ii-True, iii-False

12. The I/O processor has a straight admission to....................... And covers a number of independent data channels.

A) Main memory

B) secondary memory

C) cache memory

D) None
Ans: A) main

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