Nt1310 Unit 2 Part 2 Essay

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In computing, utility programs (in English: plugins) or plug –INS are add- one or extensions leads to more tasks and functions.
The most famous Photoshop program extensions and web Firefox and WordPress and Drupal.
These programs are often characterized by:
It can work alone because they are only intended to provide a job to one or more of the programs developed by programmers may not have a relationship with the authors of the program. -plugins are additional modules for nnCron , they are written in forth language and are used to expand nnCron capabilities by defining new forth words.
Also , plugin is a program , or a set of one or more functions , written in the PHP scripting language , that adds a specific set of services to the WordPress weblog which can be seamlessly integrated with the weblog using access point and methods provided by the WordPress plugin Application program interface (API)

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Several vendors have created their own windowing systems based on independent code, but with basic elements in common that define the WIMP “window, icon, menu and pointing device” paradigm Graphical user interface, a GUI (pronounced as either G-U-I or gooey ) allows the use of icons or other visual indicators to interact with electronic devices , rather than using only text via the command line . For example , all versions of Windows utilize a GUI whereas MS-DOS does not . The GUI was first developed at Xerox PARC by Alan Kay , Douglas Engelbart , and a group of other researchers in 1981. Later , Apple introduced the Lisa computer , the first commercially available computer , on January
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