Ntroduction.Recently, The Student Run Newspaper Published

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ntroduction Recently, the student run newspaper published their daily edition with many hasty stories about students, staff, and faculty. The April Fools edition was meant to be a comedic spoof on campus activities, however, this year it was not so. The students wrote about the Renaissance club who attacked a group of Chinese students, a soccer coach who was arrested for domestic violence and a faculty member who was a militant member of a secret society. None of the stories are true. Many of the key actors are showing their power through disgruntled messages. It seems as though the newspaper has lost its values over the years and may need to be connected with the student government. There are many ways to resolve the issue including …show more content…

This is monetarily consuming. Departments who are feeling the affect of the budget reductions may feel bitter towards the newspaper. The other departments have needs that they feel are more important, for example, the graduate student department. They are having to cut funds to their graduate students and yet the newspaper is fully operational. This is also a display of conflicting resources. The university has a diminishing budget. Many groups on campus have been affected by this and are claiming whatever power they have left to keep their remaining budget. If one group makes a mistake and the other has a chance to claim some of their budget, they surely will. This changes the dynamic that departments have with each other.
The office of Residential Life and the Graduate School have both expressed their concern for their international student’s safety. This is a problem for our university reputation. If news spreads about the uncomfort students feel, even in response to a fake article, it could threaten our potential student’s outlook on our university. The two departments are reinforcing the idea because they have not calmed the fire. Instead of going directly to the source of the articles, they have chosen to turn to a higher department to explain their grievances which creates a conflict between the newspaper and the other two departments.
Lastly, the NCAA has expressed their distaste in regards to their

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