Nuclear Atomic Facilities And International Security

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Since 2002, when the international community discovered the undeclared nuclear facilities and the magnitude of the Islamic Republic of Iran 's nuclear programme, several international players and Western countries have focused their efforts on hindering its nuclear agenda. Although the Iranian government has always stressed its civilian objectives, the programme has been considered an important challenge to the non-proliferation regime and international security.

Accordingly, there has been an extensive debate among scholars and policymakers about the consequences of a nuclear Iran, ranging from claims that it will destabilise the region to a more optimistic view that it will ensure a nuclear balance. This essay will argue …show more content…

In order to address the impact of a nuclear-armed Iran in the ME, this essay will be divided into three sections. Firstly, the genesis of the nuclear programme and its main drivers will be analysed. The second section will examine the strategies applied by the international community to counter Iranian nuclear ambitions. Finally, it will discuss the possible consequences of a nuclear Iran, specifically, the theoretical debate, the lack of incentives for a nuclear domino, with special reference to Israel and others key countries and, lastly, the factors which could lead to a deepening of the current regional instability.

The origins of the Iranian nuclear programme are found in the Shah regime, and can be dated back to 1957 when the government signed a nuclear cooperation agreement initially with the United States (USA), and subsequently with Germany and France. Henceforth, the regime was able to develop a structure to support a programme, which produced knowledge and trained human capital. The arrival of the revolution halted Tehran’s nuclear aspirations for two key reasons: the suspension of nuclear assistance from the West, and an alleged contradiction of the policy with the new regime. Later, however, the eight-year war against Iraq, acted as a strong motivator for the regime to resume the programme. As Kayhan Barzegar stress, Iran 's

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