Nuclear Energy And Nuclear Power Essay

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Nuclear Energy For many Americans, the electric bill is the most dreaded bill to arrive each month; it is always expensive, yet it doesn’t have to be. To lower electricity costs for citizens and businesses, the Unites States could increase its use of nuclear power. Nuclear energy is created when an unstable radioactive element decays and emits nanoparticles called radiation. With today’s current technology, the emission of these atoms as well as the energy released can be controlled and used in different ways. One such way is in the creation of electricity produced by nuclear power plants. Nuclear power is not renewable; however, it meets every reasonable criterion for sustainability, which is a primary concern for many people. Furthermore, the United States should use nuclear energy as its main source of power for three primary reasons: first, it is the most reliable source of power in the world today. Second, it is more cost effective than any other non-renewable resource and, finally, nuclear energy releases no greenhouse gasses, which contribute to global warming. The first reason the United States should use nuclear energy is because it is a reliable source of power due to an abundance of uranium as well as nuclear energy’s independence of climate conditions. Rinkesh Kukreja, author of “Conserve Energy Future” stresses this when he states, “As solar and wind energy are dependent upon weather conditions, nuclear power plants have no such constraints and can run

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