Nuclear Power is the Short Term Solution Essay

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Nuclear Power is the Short Term Solution

The world's natural resources are being consumed at an alarming rate. As these resources diminish, people will be seeking alternative sources by which to generate electricity for heat and light. The only practical short-term solution for the energy/pollution crisis should be nuclear power because it is available, cleaner and safer.
The needs for alternative energy are present today with China and India growing in population and increasing their oil consumption. In addition, the demand and competition for oil in a near future will eventually be too great for the supply; indeed, our lifestyles are currently based on inefficient energy devices. This includes automobiles and electric appliances that
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The amount of land, materials and fuel are very much smaller to. In addition, improvements in the nuclear productivity have contributed significantly to the reduction of the greenhouse effect. Ensuring the right balance is struck between the needs of the economy and those of the environment. Also environmental monitoring programs are been set up before bringing nuclear fuel on site. This may include monitoring of the nearby lakes, milk from cows, broad leafy vegetables, and fish. In this way we know exactly what effect the operation of the plant is having on the environment.
With any large energy producing facility there are risks. The truth is that accidents do happen at nuclear power plants and at other facilities all the time. An example of this was the accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania where there was a partial meltdown in March 1979. More recently was the worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl. Statistical data for 1995, released by the International Atomic Energy Agency early in 1996, indicated that there were a total of 437 operational nuclear power stations in 31 countries with years of experience. Chernobyl was the only plant that injured the public. Thus, judging by the data, that is a good record for a source of energy. The International Energy Agency estimates that by the year 2003 forty percent of the world's energy production will be from sources other than fossil fuels or nuclear power. Nevertheless, the need for

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