Nuclear Energy Is The Energy

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What is Nuclear Energy “Nuclear energy is the energy in the nucleus, or core, of an atom.” Each nucleus has two kind of particles Neutrons Protons There are two process to release nuclear energy Fission and fusion Process Fission A atom of one element is divided to create two small atom of different elements Fusion During this process, nuclear reactors use uranium to release energy Two atoms are combined to made a large atom This energy produces heat and warms the reactors cooling agent (usually water, liquid metal or molted salt) The heat produces steam that turns on the turbines Turbines propel generators that generates energy BENEFITS Low Pollution Reduces the use of coil and fuel (fossil fuel) Decreases gas emissions Uranium is inexpensive The production costs are low There is enough supply of uranium at least for 80 years Dependability and efficiency Works under any weather condition Can work uninterrupted a whole year RISKS Pollution Hazard Uranium is radioactive once it is extracted Radioactive waste Even low level of radioactivity needs hundred of years to become safe Accidents Biological and health effects Costs are high Residual radioactive waste administration is expensive Start up costs are high Target for terrorism Nuclear power is used to create massive destruction weapon NUCLEAR PLANTS ACCIDENTS It is a nuclear accident when it involves radiation emission Those are divided in incidents or nuclear accidents depending

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